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I’m always a little behind hypes. For example, this random 25 travel facts about me tag has been on my to-do list for a while. If you haven’t done this tag yet, please do so. I think it’s great fun to read your travel facts too. The only problem I have is that I’m always a little long-winded…But hey, enjoy.
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1. I lived four times abroad
I’ve lived abroad four times, all for 6 months or longer. I lived in Greece (when I was 17 years young), London (18), South Africa (20) and in Paris (21). Being a young girl I was ready to stand on my own two feet, ready to explore the world. I worked, lived and traveled alone around the places where I was. Now I’m 26, it is strange to realize that these moments were such a long time ago. I’ve learned a lot during those moments, got to know myself, myself encountered and I came back a little different every time. A little wiser, a little more worldly and especially with stacks of new wanderlust.

2. I love to fly

I’m really fond of (long) flights. I always look forward to a long flight. I think it’s pretty amazing to realize that you are able to fly to another continent so easily and imagine all the countries you cross in the air on your way to your destination. Especially if you see some of these countries from above. I have seen huge fires, mountain peaks through the clouds, I’ve followed lengthy rivers, and a sunset from an airplane is simply magical. I like to create my own space in the airplane for a while. I read books, listen to some music, watch a movie, talk to strangers, close my eyes for a bit…and the feeling you have when flying to another beautiful journey is priceless, or cherishing the memories that you made during your travels on your way back home. I always order as many wine as I can, and even though the food is not always good – even that I am looking forward to. I love that part. And I love those stickers from Emirates ‘wake me up for food’. I collect them and stick at least 3 of them on the seat in front of me. Yep, guilty pleasure.

3. I’m still alive

And that’s truly a miracle. I’m too enthusiastic and impulsive and sometimes a tad naive, although that often brings me to the most beautiful places. And above all, I am very clumsy. So I almost slipped of a waterfall, we just went with a stranger to his house in Amman in the middle of the night to sleep there, we once forgot our backpacks after landing and we were hardly allowed to pick them up again, I cross crowded and chaotic streets without looking around regularly, I trust everyone, I got a car accident in one of the most dangerous routes in South Africa, I step into the most rickety buses and boats, and so on.




4. I know France by heart

When I was younger I went to France every summer with my parents and brother. By car. I think I might be familiar with all villages and regions there. We traveled around the country for five weeks, and every week we would relocate to a new area – from the Atlantic to the Alps to the Mediterranean Sea to Brittany and then a few days by the river. Those were the days. They were amazing and active holidays of which I have fond memories. We saw a lot of the surroundings, walked for hours in the mountains or along the coast, explored villages and had a picnic every day, immersed in nature with baguettes and cheeses that I bought in the French supermarket myself. I think those holidays are the base of my will to explore, I am always encouraged to discover instead of staying at the same place all the time.



5. I have a tattoo that represents my wanderlust
If I continue my 25 facts like this, it will end up being a book. I’ll keep it shorter. I have a tattoo on my back, a large compass within a mandala. It represents my wanderlust and it means so much to me.



6. Travel and love

I’m a bit impulsive. If I see a cheap ticket I book it, if I can step on a flight within an hour I will. And my boyfriend is just like me. I knew my boyfriend for three weeks when we left to Asia together for five weeks. We both love to travel, I had six weeks in between jobs and we just decided to go. No better way to get to know each other, right? It was one hell of an amazing trip and now, 2,5 years later, we are still very happy together. Traveling together is the most beautiful thing there is. We were so different on this photo, we have changed in those 2,5 years.

Eerste reis


7. My first encounter with Asia

My first encounter with Asia was in 2012, the above mentioned trip. We just booked a ticket and made our own beautiful journey through Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Sumatra, Bali and the Gili Islands. I was sold, and besides the other travels we plan a long trip through Asia each year since then. Last year we went to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia and this year we traveled through the Philippines. And next year? I would very much like to go back to Indonesia and I look very forward to another long, relaxed journey. All those press trips are fantastic, really. I discover the places like I always do – but it’s still work and the trips are often short and full of planned activities.



8. I get sick sometimes

Asia is the place where I’ve become very sick as well. Twice. In Thailand and the Philippines. Well, I do not mean to scare you, but that was no fun. Nevertheless, I still travel off to Asia with all my heart. I love Asia.

9. Happiness is a journey

I am the happiest girl in the world when I travel, and that is why I pinch myself every day – it’s like I’m dreaming. During a trip I feel free, happy, human. I worked so hard to change my passion into a job and now I am traveling around the world for my work. I even have to cancel a lot of trips because I have too little time. I am so grateful that I can explore new places each month. Makes me happy.

10. I am a junior ranger

One of the things I did when I lived in South Africa was studying Wildlife Management. That was a dream come true. For months I have learned all about flora & fauna, I lived in the middle of a wildlife park with no amenities, every day I was surrounded by beautiful nature and I was working with the most extraordinary animals every single day. Yes, I am officially a junior ranger and I would love to go back there to work with wildlife and nature.

Leeuw Afrika


11. Travel like Laura

I climbed the Table Mountain on Birkenstocks. Actually I should make columns about these kinds of typical ‘Laura’ moments.

12. I love adventure travel

I love adventure and I’m always seeking beautiful, special and extreme moments. From sleeping on the ground in the jungle of Sumatra to swimming with whale sharks, from the highest bungee jump in the world to helping in an orphanage.




13. I’ve been travel blogging for 8 years

While traveling my head always overflows. Beautiful words, images, smells and colors are dazzling in my mind and I always have liked to write in a travel guide during trips. I’ve started travel blogging eight (!) years ago when I moved to a foreign country for the second time. And I never have stopped.

14. My most beautiful trip

I hate it when people ask me what my most beautiful journey has been so far. Sure, it might seem a logical question, but I have no answer. Each trip has its own discoveries, moments, smells and colors and it is impossible for me to choose. I travel for travel’s sake.



15. I’m in the scrapbook of Asians

I might be in 87248734 pictures of Asians already. For some reason (okay, I’m blonde and 1.76m) they always want me in the picture or get pictures together. Remains hilarious.



16. I love to talk

I find conversations with people one of the nicest things about traveling. Whether it’s a hassle-free conversation with a fellow traveler, an in-depth talk with Bedouins in the desert, a chat with the owner of a restaurant or a conversation with a toothless old man in Laos – I can intensely enjoy those moments.

Mensen praten


17. I travel with an open mind

My boyfriend and I are not the kind of couple that blocks anyone around them while traveling. We love being together, but also enjoy (above mentioned) conversations with other people. We like to get to know new people and sometimes travel along with them for a while.


18. I don’t eat fish

I really dare to eat everything (from rare insects to brains) but I do not like fish. Or shellfish. Or whatever comes from the sea. It’s not that I don’t want to, I would love to eat fish. However, it comes out immediately. I struggle with this during many travels as I always have to skip all kinds of traditional dishes. Very unfortunate.

Vis Lapland


19. I get restless at home

I love to have a home, but I am very, very restless when no trip is planned. Could be just something like a weekend in Bruges, but I just need to. I make sure that this is not really happening at all times.

20. Seeking moments

During all trips, private and press, I always take a little moment for myself. At those moments I take everything in, smell, look, feel, I let my thoughts just be taken by the wind. At such times I really realize that I’m very lucky that I can experience this. Sometimes I even shed a tear. Those moments are where my stories come from.



21. I once went to New York by accident

I once ‘won’ a trip to New York by mistake on an auction site. I sat on the couch with my boyfriend, felt like doing something fun that weekend and decided to take a look at that site for a nice deal (just so you know, I was looking for something like a day to the zoo). Suddenly I saw a fully covered trip to New York with a relatively low final bid and three minutes duration left. I decided to place a low bid ‘for fun’, thinking that there would be so many bidders. There weren’t. We went to New York. See here again, our impulsivity.

New York


22. I get lost on purpose

If I get lost I don’t get worried. I even get lost on purpose sometimes. I’m just curious where the road will take me, who I’ll meet and what I’ll see.
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23. I observe and I eat/strong>

I love observing. Watching people in their daily lives. The first thing I do when I’m somewhere is find something special to eat and drink (an important part of our travels), sit down and watch. Simply, watch. Enjoy.



24. I like long drives

The longest bus ride I’ve ever made was from Koh Chang (Thailand) to Siem Reap (Cambodia). This took about 18 hours. The longest train journey (15 hours) went from Bangkok (Thailand) to Vientiane (Laos), and the longest flight I do not exactly remember, but it must have been to Asia. Long in any case, but do I hate it? No, I think it’s really great to be on the move.




25. I love to travel along with other bloggers

My wishlish is infinite. There are so many countries and places I want to explore. That is why I am so pleased to read stories from other travel bloggers as well. I love to read all travel blogs and I read almost all articles on every blog (you are all so nice!) but I never let anyone know how amazing they are. Thank you fellow travelers and bloggers, you are beautiful people!

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  1. Kirsten 16 October, 2014 at 13:16 Reply

    Leuk om te lezen Laura :) Ik word altijd vrolijk van jouw website! Ik herken mijzelf veel in je traveltags haha. Ook altijd onrustig als er niks op de planning staat en bergen beklimmen op Birkenstocks is mij ook niet vreemd :P

  2. Rosanne 16 October, 2014 at 13:42 Reply

    Geweeeldige lijst! Grappig ook, je Frankrijk-verhaaltje. En die foto. Zo heb ik dus ook oneindig veel foto’s van kleine Rosanne in Frankrijk. Bij de Franse Alpen, in piepkleine dorpjes, op de camping. I like! Misschien moet ik ze ook eens delen, haha. Leuk ook om eens iemand te horen die net als ik dol is op vliegen :D Heerlijk he, dat gevoel van avontuur wat dan écht begint!

    • Laura 16 October, 2014 at 13:47 Reply

      Haha aahhh, leuk! Doen, lijkt me leuk voor op je blog! :-) Heb ook mappen vol Frankrijk foto’s, echt van kleine drol tot m’n zestiende. Zo leuk! M’n vader heeft ooit ALLES ingescand, dus dat is helemaal leuk.

  3. Karlijn 16 October, 2014 at 15:23 Reply

    Oh wat heerlijk om te lezen. Het begint meteen weer te kriebelen. Ik heb tot nu toe één jaar in Istanbul en 6 weken in Vietnam ‘gewoond’ en daarnaast vooral binnen Europa gereisd, maar wat hou ik van reizen. Omdat ik nog studeer heb ik niet veel geld om veel te reizen, maar alsnog boek ik liever een reisje dan dat ik nieuwe kleren koop ;)
    Het liefst zou ik na mijn studie gewoon mijn rugzak pakken en erop uit gaan. Misschien doe ik dat ook wel..

    • Laura 16 October, 2014 at 16:27 Reply

      Ik vind het al heerlijk om te lezen dat je toch al op jonge leeftijd in het buitenland hebt gewoond. Alle kansen pakken, het is zo mooi! Ook tijdens je studie, alle stages en minors wat kan ik het buitenland doen, haha. Jaaa, doen!

  4. Anouk 16 October, 2014 at 16:27 Reply

    Wat een heerlijke post Lau. Ik.herken al veel dingen uit Onze dates, haha. Veeel praten, zo maar de straat op lopen, oeps scooter ;-). Je bent een prachtige vrouw!

    • Laura 16 October, 2014 at 17:14 Reply

      Haha, dat was echt briljant. Ik werd zo enthousiast en impulsief bij het schrijven van deze tag dat ik net bijna een ticket naar India boekte. Bijna.

  5. Eva 16 October, 2014 at 20:05 Reply

    Ik heb deze tag al veel gezien, maar jij bent de enige die me weet te raken. Wat een mooie lijst! Ik hoop nog een keer zo’n impulsieve reis te maken zoals jullie naar New York… Wat een giller!

  6. Debby 17 October, 2014 at 03:26 Reply

    wanneer gaan wij op reis? :D haha, ik word ook onrustig als er niks op de planning staat. maar zal eerst toch echt alles op een rijtje moeten gaan zetten weer eenmaal terug in NL, oef! Leuke post en foto’s, vond het heerlijk om te lezen! Weekendje Arnhem staat op de planning ;)

  7. Anke 18 October, 2014 at 08:42 Reply

    Haha, ik zie dat jij op blote voeten gebungy-t hebt, toen ik ging heb ik juist mijn schoenen extra strak gestrikt, bang om ze te verliezen ;p

    • Laura 18 October, 2014 at 12:36 Reply

      Haha ja, ik had slippers aan :D. Hield de hele sprong wel m’n voeten tot kramp aan toe helemaal horizontaal, bang dat ik uit dat ding zou glijden, haha!

  8. Tari 18 October, 2014 at 15:15 Reply

    Wat een super leuke blog heb je. Heel leuk ook om dit artikel te lezen, ik krijg meteen een beeld van degene achter ‘what about her’.

    Ik blijf je zeker volgen!

  9. Malou 20 October, 2014 at 11:36 Reply

    Echt een leuke tag!

    Dat onrustig worden als er niets op de planning staat, is heel herkenbaar.
    En jij veel praten? Dat zou je niet zeggen. Hahaha :p

  10. Lizet 30 October, 2014 at 08:17 Reply

    Random feitjes zijn mijn lievelings! Ik ben net zo impulsief en onhandig, ik ben bijna een oog verloren aan een tak in Zuid-Afrika, haha! (vervolgens kon ik iedereen wijsmaken dat ik door een leeuw aangevallen was)

    Die onrust is bij mij zo groot! Ik sprak iemand die een jaar in Zuid-Amerika heeft doorgebracht en nu ben ik weer aan het bedenken hoe ik het snelst Spaans kan leren en hetzelfde kan doen. En overmorgen wil ik weer naar Marokko, de week erna naar Australië.

    Ok, ik kan ook nog wel even doorgaan, maar ik herken me in zo veel! Leuk dit :)

    Ik vind reizen op z’n Laura’s trouwens een heel goed idee, haha!

  11. Melanie 4 November, 2014 at 12:23 Reply

    Hahah! Ik herkende een aantal dingen maar moest vreselijk lachen om het stukje over vakantieveilingen! Ik heb dat ook gedaan, een paar keer zelfs:O
    Een super de luxe hotel overnachting in Belgie? Oh daar beiden ze wel overheen hoor. Hoppa, bieding gesloten en ik had gewonnen.
    Een midweekje sneeuw in Oosterrijk; ‘Oh, ik bied wel, dan bieden ze eroverheen.’ Ja forget that! Ook gewonnen.

    Zo kan ik er serieus nog wel een paar opnoemen^^ Hhaha! Heel erg leuk geschreven:D Ik word er vrolijk van en kom zeker vaker terug hier:)

    XoXo Melanie

    • Laura 5 November, 2014 at 18:07 Reply

      Haha, geweldig hè? Ik heb (ergens maar goed ook) al heel lang niet meer gekeken. Gevaarlijk, haha!

      En leuk dat je terug blijft komen (of heeft dat met mijn mooie man te maken ;) )!

  12. Patricia 3 December, 2014 at 14:28 Reply

    Al het bovenstaande = mijn wishlist. (behalve de Bloukrans Bunjee.. die heb ik al af kunnen vinken, yieehaa!)

    Man.. wat een mooie reizen heb jij al gemaakt zeg!

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