TRAVEL / Skyscanner Bloscars Travel Awards (update: I’m voted second best travel blog of the Netherlands!)


Second place! I am voted by my readers and a professional jury as being the second best travel blog of the Netherlands. Thanks a lot, I am happy and proud!
Skyscanner Bloscars Travel Awards

Dear, dear, dear readers,

Thanks to you all I am nominated for the Skyscanner Bloscars and I am one of the ten finalists. I am extremely honored and pleased that What about her may add itself there, and despite that it’s not in my nature I would like to ask you for a favor …. If you think my blog is inspiring and fun, I would appreciate a vote (just click the green button with ‘ STEM!’) very, very much. I could win tickets worth € 800, -and with every vote you could win tickets worth € 300,- as well (nice touch!).

The next four weeks you can vote every week, and I would love it and be forever grateful if you find my blog worth winning. I promise I’m going to make a wonderful and special trip with it, take presents for you and capture and share my adventures in every way possible.

Skyscanner Bloscars 2014

Skyscanner did an interview with me and I like to share that part here as well:

Describe your blog
I write about inspiring travels and I love to share the most beautiful places on Earth, I would also like to show that you can pursue your dreams. Any dream. 

Why do you think you are elected finalist, what is your contribution to the offer of travel blogs?
What touches me is that people start follow their hearts by reading my musings and adventures. I don’t carry a proverbial small bag full of life experience but a whole suitcase. By falling down and standing up I have learned to live as if every day is the last and there I try to inspire others. I am a bohemian girl. My heart is in travel and wanderlust is written on my forehead. I lived in different countries and in addition, my backpack takes me to the most special places on Earth regularly. I love to share. I love to inspire. This blog is started by a passion: I think people taste this. Writing means time for thoughts and experiences. Time for stories. After writing my head is empty and my heart is full. And this, along with all the travels I made, makes my blog 100% Laura.

What is your best travel experience?
Such a difficult question. Then yet simply ‘being on the move’. The world is out there. But then what about….all those pretty different cultures? And nature that leaves you mesmerized, the amazing animals, the inspiring people I have met? How could I choose? Volunteering in Africa. Teach those beautiful children to enjoy. Though I wonder who teaches who. Holding a lion cub. The top of table mountain. Wander in New York. Sleep in the jungle. Monks in Asia. A wild orang utan, swim with sea turtles. The skin of an elephant. The evenings with locals by the river. The infinite desert. Fireflies. Magical wonders of the world. The travel itself is that what makes me alive. Traveling is being on the move, traveling is learning and travel is me. I have more awareness of, and more respect for the Earth and all the small and beautiful things she offers me.

Where would you go if you win the national Bloscars Awards?
That would be a fantastic opportunity to do what I love: start a journey of adventures again. If I think about it I want to directly unfold the maps, pack my backpack and go. If I would win, I would really like to go to Oman. The Middle East has stolen my heart in Jordan and Oman stands very high on my list. The culture, the people, the Oriental exoticness. Let me step on a flying carpet again and experience a 1001-nights fairy tale. I promise I will take you every step I’ll take.

Tell us your best “value for money” travel tip?
Travel with an open heart and mind. Break your limits and live, as you will only live once. Travel is an experience you will forever take with you and it does change you a little bit every time you come home, and that makes a trip worth it.






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  1. chucky1012 31 January, 2014 at 11:01 Reply

    Zo goed geschreven en ik heb op je gestemd en duim voor je dat je gaat winnen!
    Je hebt het verdient en ik gun het je……
    Dit blog is mooi en heel informatief voor als men op reis wilt gaan kan je hier lezen hoe een land eruit ziet, wat men mee kan nemen, de leefgewoontes van een land etc……..
    De foto’s die gemaakt zijn zijn zo mooi en je laat ook van jezelf zien wat er zoal allemaal gedaan hebt.

    Good luck…..

  2. Sylvia 31 January, 2014 at 16:12 Reply

    Ik volg de blogs van meerdere finalisten, dus dat was lastig. Heb uiteindelijk op BohemianDreams en jou gestemd, kon niet kiezen ;) Veel succes!!

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