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Happy Valentine!

Let’s celebrate love. Warmth. Hugs. Red wine. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s dag, but I must confess that I’m a hopeless romantic. I love sending cards, lovely words, surprising someone, candle lights, hugging, beach strolls and love songs. I would also say that traveling is romantic. Overnight stays at extraordinary places, getting lost in unknown cities, being together after brilliant experiences; it seems that my heart and sense have to work overtime when I do what I love most with whom I love to be most.

Top 5 romantic stays

What have been my five most romantic stages? Making decisions is not one of my best abilities, but here we go. Randomly stated.

Camps of tents in the desert, Jordan

Staying overnight in the desert of Jordan is the most romantic your trip will ever get. No luxury hotel room can beat such an experience. We slept twice in the desert of Jordan, at two different spots. The ancient sand that slowly colours red when the sun sets, the scuttling camels, the basic tents, the remarkable conversations with the Bedouin, watching thousands of stars appear in the night sky; doing this together. Beat that.

jordan4 Jordanië Jordanië

The jungle of Sumatra, Indonesia

Another simple but yet over-romantic place to stay. We slept on a scarf in the middle of the jungle in Sumatra. We were woken up by the noises of the river streaming, birds singing and a crackling campire used to make us a cup of tea. Just an hour later we stand eye-to-eye with an Orang-Utan. Insane.

Sumatra Sumatra

South Palms, Bohol, the Philippines

Extreme luxury. Different, but incredibly enjoyable. This fancy private bungalow on the prettiest beach of Bohol earns it’s spot in my top five. Waking up from the sounds of the waves and then, in one big step, with bare foots in the sand walking to the ocean first thing in the morning was wonderful.

South Palms Panglao Island BoholSouth Palms Panglao Island BoholSouth Palms Panglao Island Bohol

The Crane Hotel, Amsterdam

I should mention the Netherlands as well. The overnight stay in The Crane Hotel in Amsterdam was definitely a stay I could call romantic. I mean, bubbling in a jacuzzi, outside, on the top of a crane while snow is slowly falling around us? Indeed.

Crane Hotel Amsterdam

Gili Air, Indonesia

A really simple and basic backpackerscabin which name I forgot, but which memories have remained with me throughout life. Our first journey together, we had known each other for three weeks and we left for a five-week journey through Indonesia. While the sun rose and shone as radiant and luminous as could be in our cabin on this romantic island, I was the happiest girl in the world.

Gili islands Gili islands

Top 5 romantic stays on the bucketlist

Of course I still have some romantic places I’d like to visit on my bucketlist. Being a graduated and ex-hotel manager I’ve got a soft spot for marvelous accommodations. has a convenient destination tool to find a destination based on your preferred type of stay and I have spent an evening dreaming about all these destinations. I’d love to add the following five destinations to my to-travel list. A nice gift for Valentine, maybe?

Ratua Private Island, Vanuatu, Oceania

Let’s cut straight to the point. Vanuatu is an independent group of Islands in Oceania. Overseas in this paradise you can find this private island with resort. Need to say more? Just look at the pictures. So tell me, when are we leaving?

private island romantic stay

Gilpin Lake House, Bowness-on-Windermere, England

I already knew that England is a beautiful country. I have always wanted to make a road trip through England (and Scotland) and one of the must sees during that trip would be the Lake District. This is the real British nature and you definitely need to see it, the Lake House. It’s almost a film set, really.


The Fishtail Lodge, Nepal

Within three weeks we will leave for Nepal (YAY!) and so far I think the country will be splendid but also utterly romantic. Climbing the Himalayas together, wondering about the beautiful culture together and going back to nature for a few weeks – I can’t wait. In Pokhare you can find, amongst the lake, the Fishtail Lodge. Seems a real romantic spot to me, so who knows… we might visit.



Hotel Castle Wittem, Geuldal, Nederland

You don’t have to travel far to find beautiful places, the Netherlands has also a few amazing spots. I’d love to spend a night in a castle and look what I found!  I love this pretty castle located near Maastricht, a southern city. A romantic getaway in my own country. Yes, I’d go, even if it was just to pretend I was a princess.


Six Senses Hide Away, Yao Noi, Thailand

After finishing this post I have to conclude that I got a soft spot for Island. Aren’t islands romantic?  Well, I’ve been to Thailand before but I’ve definitely missed out on this one. I thought I didn’t need to visit Thailand again but this cosy and tiny house makes me reconsider that decision. Isn’t this the perfect writer’s house? Yes, please. See you in a few months.

thailand thailand2

What’s been your most romantic stay ever?

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  1. Natasja 14 February, 2015 at 10:49 Reply

    Heerlijk! Nu nog een man vinden die mee wil haha.. Alleen met de sumatraanse jungle ben ik het niet helemaal eens. Het was een ontzettend gave ervaring, maar naar mijn idee nou niet heel romantisch :P Slapen op een betonnen vloer, heel snel in het donker achter de tent plassen en maar hopen dat er niets engs rondkruipt/loopt en om het uur wakker worden van de geluiden en de kou ;) Ik zou het voor geen goud hebben willen missen, maar voor de romantiek kies ik toch liever voor zo’n private island!

    • Laura 14 February, 2015 at 10:57 Reply

      Hahaha! Ik juist wel, en toen ik R. vroeg wat hij de meest romantische nacht vond noemde hij ook die nacht. Ik vind dat juist geweldig, haha! :-)

  2. Andrea 14 February, 2015 at 12:26 Reply

    Ohhh heerlijk. Die plek in Thailand <333 Laat Thailand nou nog op mijn wishlist staan haha. Meest romantische plek vond ik de malediven. Een hutje op het water, loved it.

    • Laura 14 February, 2015 at 17:33 Reply

      Haha ah, fijn om te horen. Was daar een beetje bang voor, het blijft lekker cliché. Maar heb echt plezier gehad in het maken van dit artikel, dus yay!

  3. Eva 15 February, 2015 at 08:42 Reply

    I loooove dit soort bestemmingen! Mijn meest romantische plek was in Thailand, Ko Tao. Prachtig hotel, midden in het groen met uitzicht op zee.. Het interieur was zo liefelijk, zonsondergang magisch en het was gewoon zo mooooi :)

  4. Caro 16 February, 2015 at 21:11 Reply

    Wauw wat een plekken! Kan ik echt alleen maar van dromen…. Ik ben nu echt even hard aan het nadenken wat mijn meest romantische overnachting was, maar ik weet het nog even niet haha

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