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The last time I wrote something about Jordan was in this blogpost. I told you about one of the fantastic two-day camel ride with Rum Stars, with overnight stay in a Bedouin camp in the desert. And that camp is worth a hotspot: what an amazing place. I bet the millions of stars might say enough.

Rum Stars was set up by two Bedouins from the tribe of the Zalabyeh of Wadi Rum in Jordan. They started this small company to offer a more beautiful experience for adventurers instead of the normal short trips through the desert by jeep. These Bedouins still live in the Wadi Rum desert. Rum Stars organizes jeep-camel and walking tours of a few hours to five days.

They have a beautiful camp with Bedouin tents in the middle of the desert and offer everything a person needs. The only thing that you still have to bring with you is a sense of adventure, your senses and an open mind: you will never forget this experience. The camp overlooks the Burrah Canyon area and you can enjoy a colorful camp, fluffy pillows, a campfire and the wonderful sunset over the mountains. The colors wander from yellow to orange and from red to the deep black of the night- when you walk out of the camp and find yourself in complete darkness, there are a million stars to count above you.

The food is delicious, we enjoy a traditional Zarb. I met another travelblogger who roams the world over the past ten years: Don’t stop living. How random is that? We enjoy the food, live music, gallons of tea and we gather us around the campfire where we talk about life in the desert with the Bedouins for hours. The next day I wake up early (manfriend suffers from chronic morning mood) for the amazing sunrise and after a hearty breakfast we leave for the wilderness on our camels again. What a wonderful place.











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  1. Jennifer 11 December, 2013 at 18:24 Reply

    Ik zou jou blog eigenlijk niet mogen volgen, want ik word er heel onrustig van. In a positive way, dat wel. Als ze me morgen vragen om te gaan, dan ging ik jaa jaa!

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