HOTSPOT / Jordan: Amra Palace Hotel, Wadi Musa (Petra)


Near Petra we were allowed to spend the night at the Amra Palace hotel. A charming little hotel right in the centre of Wadi Musa. Petra is next to the city. The hotel is situated on a hill just a few steps from the centre. In the rooms, with magnificent views over the mountains of Petra and windows that keep out the sound of the mosque, it is a pleasure to spend the night.

The hotel has a cosy outdoor place with typical Arab benches, colors where I am so fond of, lots of flowers and water pipes.  A fine Arabic buffet in the morning and evening (I can’t get enough of hummus, pita, feta and lamb) and a shuttle service towards the entrance of the magic of Petra. And do not forget the swimming pool with jacuzzi, perfect to rinse of the dust from Petra. The hotel is owned by a family with centuries-old roots in Petra, and they strive for ultimate Arabian hospitality.

When we were involved in the riot during Petra by night, we were taken care of by one of the employees of our hotel who happened to be there. He took us to the hotel that is located next to the entrance to Petra to shelter and even spoiled us with wine. WINE. In Jordan. Just what we needed.







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  1. Jasmine 25 October, 2013 at 20:52 Reply

    Het ziet er prachtig en verzorgd uit! Knap decor ook met die paars accenten, oude meubels en prachtige zwembadhal! Soms wil ik wel elke dag zo’n hotelbuffet, maar dan zonder zelf een poot te moeten heffen- uiteindelijk wordt het dan een broodje gezond, ook lekker.

  2. Bo 26 October, 2013 at 11:19 Reply

    Wauuw wat mooi en wat een uitzicht! Mijn oom was laatst naar Jordanië geweest en vond het echt geweldig. Ik wil er ook graag heen <33

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