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There is a small restaurant called’Beide Dames’ (which means both ladies) almost next to our house. I regularly cycle or walk along this place and every time I was wondering ‘gee, how nice, probably two friends who have opened a cute eatery’. Nothing turned out to be less true.

Beide Dames is a restaurant that, indeed, opened wo years ago by the hospitality-minded friends Pauline and Corrine. Last Tuesday we were invited to have dinner at their restaurant. Turned out to be beyond our expectations. Limited but original choice with a varying cuisine, a cosy decor and attentive service. Every ingredient is fresh and homemade, and you can taste that for sure. The decor is bright with white and purple as main colors, and with homely Riverdale-style accessories it’s just like you are eating in the home of these welcoming ladies. But what has surprised us most: the food. I don’t want to exaggerate, but I haven’t had such a good meal in a restaurant for a while. They also seem to be reputed for their spare ribs.

As an appetizer I ate fresh figs with goat cheese and honey sauce. Manfriend ate a salad Gravlax (salmon). After, I enjoyed a grilled pumpkin with goat cheese, herb sauce and almonds. Manfriend ordered a duck breast fillet with mashed peas and mint sauce. For dessert we had tea with delicious home-made sweets. I ended up with this feeling that I had the honor to be allowed to eat at someone’s home, someone with a passion for good food.

Without doubt this is one of our new favorites in Arnhem. It is located just outside the village, but next to the Sonsbeek park in the nicest area of Arnhem. I’m looking forward to enjoy a culinary bite after an autumnal Sonsbeek walk again.









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  1. Linda 18 October, 2013 at 11:50 Reply

    Ik vind de naam al erg leuk en uitnodigend klinken én de foto’s bevestigen dat zeker.
    Mijn smaak pupillen zijn wakker geschud bij het zien van de foto’s hihi

  2. Anne 18 October, 2013 at 11:56 Reply

    Oh wat leuk, ik reed daar laatst langs en kon me niet voorstellen of het nu juist wél of niet heel tof is.. En het zit op zo’n mooie plek <3! Maar mm, voor verse vijgen met geitenkaas ben ik serieus altijd wel te porren. Hihi!

  3. Jess 19 October, 2013 at 13:59 Reply

    Klinkt goed zeg! Jammer genoeg niet heel erg in de buurt. Het klinkt wel als eten waar ik heel erg van houd. Ook ik ben gek op bijvoorbeeld geitenkaas en vijgen. Precies mijn smaak dus! Ziet er ook gezellig uit by the way.

  4. Michelle @ The World is a Book 19 October, 2013 at 16:19 Reply

    Dat ziet er allemaal goddelijk uit! Je had me al overtuigd om naar Arnhem te komen en wijntjes te gaan drinken, maar nu moet ik nog moeilijke keuzes gaan maken waar ik dan ga eten ook ;) Mooie foto’s! Knap met zulk licht; mijn foto’s laten het eten er nooit zo lekker uit zien ;)

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